Why kinvah Wine tourism?

Wine tourism, refers to tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, often at or near the source. Wine tourism can consist of visits to wineries, tasting wines, vineyard walks, or even taking an active part in the harvest.

The tour, which has 2 batches around 180 minutes, starts in the morning sharp at 10.30 A.M. and 1.30 P.M. Guests are informed about the history of wine and its cultivation before proceeding to witness the actual process at the vineyard.

Practically every aspect of wine-making is discussed-right from fermentation to bottling and final labeling.

Most visits to the wineries take place at or near the site where the wine is produced. Visitors typically learn the history of the winery, see how the wine is made, and then taste the wines.

Activities at our vinery
  • Visit to the winery(process of wine making)
  • Lunch
  • Wine tasting
  • Grape Stomping
  • Vineyard visit
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Charges of kinvah Wine tourism
  • Charges : Rs. 1795/- per Adult(with food)
  • Charges : Rs. 1325/- per Adult(without food)
  • Charges : Rs. 800/- per kid above 6yrs(with food)
  • Charges : No Charges for below 6yrs kids
  • Red / White Wine Tasting free (30ml * 5)
  • Charges : Rs. 1050/- per Adult(winery visit and tasting)
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