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“Be It Ecstasy, Health or hosting an event and in whichever season Wine is always the reason of delight!!!! It is a blessing diva for Indian palate connoisseur. In fact, wine is synonymous called as ‘the gift of the gods’ since it is the only fermented beverage found in nature. The natural yeasts available in the skin of red grapes can lead to the formation of wine in the ripe grape itself”.

India has always had a sparkling relationship with wine. Historical evidences point at wines well-imbued into the cultural and social fabric of a nation that has always upheld the principle of responsible drinking.

To Brief - We at Nandi valley Winery Pvt. ltd. Bangalore, have been among the leading wine manufacturers for last few years. We offer wide range of products and services to our customers. We produce wine to the delight of wine connoisseur and novices alike with a array of exquisite wines through our flagship brand – ‘Kinvah’, all our products are well popular for its exquisite palate and an extreme delight of wine enthusiast.

With winery and operations spread over a 250 acre vineyard located in Bijapur and Nagpur. Nandi Valley Winery has current capacity to produce ten million liters of wine, Bangalore’s cool climate along with the apt soil conditions of the Nandi Valley Region after which we are named makes it an ideal location wine grape farming.

Kinvah, the flagship brand of Nandi Valley Winery is named after an exotic wine of the Mauryan Era; it is tribute to the rich wine heritage of India that is chronicled in the Purana's and Ithihasas's.

Produced from premium quality French grapes grown in the apt climate of Bijapur, this marquee label of Nandi Valley heralds the arrival of an Indian wine that's on par with legendry French and Italian wines. Kinvah is all about refined tastes and fine living. A party, a romantic evening, a celebration; whatever the occasion,

Kinvah adds a touch of class and sophistication. It is nectar to the palate, euphoria to the senses and intrigue to the intellect, making life richer in every sense. This is the reason why the Kinvah tagline is - 'Life's Richer'.

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